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What is SWAAM?

What it Does, and how we are helping

Indian retail and services space is going through a blitz of new businesses and services. Indian consumers with the increasing options and choices are demanding better services and products. Companies are trying to focus more on the customer service aspect. Still there is a gap when it comes to effective deliverability of promises. Awareness is low, disgruntled consumers are willing to take the fight to the social media or even go to consumer courts in order to obtain the rightful service. But there is an absence of a platform, which helps you take this fight to the next level. Having personally faced the brunt of such false promises and half-baked services, the concept of "SWAAM - The helping hand" was born in late 2012

The primary objective was to build an organization that will protect the interest of consumer and solve consumer’s complaint: A bridge between the consumer and the company. A double thronged spear, which would help the customer end his/her woes and at the same time help the company connect and serve its customers more effectively. Powered by a group of customer focused individuals and backed by a panel of lawyers across the country.

SWAAM has been formed with the sole purpose of preventing and curbing iniquitous practice of companies and helping consumers resolve any such related issues.

How it Works

    What People Say

    • I am grateful to SWAAM who has guided me to get my money back approx 18 Lac. The way SWAAM people had guided me is really Incredible. With the help of their guidance I got my complain resolved in 2 months for which I was fighting more 1.5 Years

      Tapan Kumar Biswas Lost all my PF and Gratuity which I got on my retirement

    • The experience of Lodging complaint with SWAAM - The Helping Hand is exceptionally positive.They have good collaboration, positive attitude and efficient communication towards client complaints.

      Arshad Nehwal Mislead-ed by an Insurance agent (Aviva Life Insurance)